Daniel Parten, a dad on a mission to healthy and lean

Daniel Parten Isagenix before and after transformation. I hope this inspires any new Dads out there.

So last year was nuts. My wife and I spent 5 years in the Army, but in May 2015 we got out and moved our lives to a new state, with new careers, new trajectories, and a new perspective. Oh and in October we became new parents. Which is awesome btw. But still, you see where I'm going with this.

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put yourself as a priority

My nutrition wasn't anywhere close to being on-par

Here's the deal though. When life gets crazy, if you don't put yourself as a priority, life won't do it for you. I spent the summer hitting the gym, but my nutrition wasn't anywhere close to being on-par. I traveled a lot for work, ate whatever everyone around me ate, and I had no goals. 

And the result is what you see on the left: in clothes, looks like a fairly-fit, 20something-year-old bearded dude, but quickly approaching "Dad Bod" status. Not good. Not good at all.

I made a decision to start Fatherhood off on the right foot

I decided to make changes but realistic me kept rationalizing, "You're about to have a newborn, go sleepless for months, and you're in a new career -- you honestly think now is the right time for this?" So I made a decision to start Fatherhood off on the right foot. To make Denver my reason, not my excuse. Then I went to work.

Daniel Parten Isagenix before and after transformation

I only lifted weights 4 days/week. Cardio between zero to 3x a week- nothing major. I've worked out much harder and more frequent in the past. The difference was that I took my nutrition seriously, realizing that it's actually 80%+ of the equation. 

I cooked clean food, stayed consistent, not perfect, and used a holistic nutritional system that brought convenience into my "new-dad" schedule. I never did double cardio, never depleted my water intake, never restricted myself in any way. 

The guy on the right ate 6 meals the day before taking that picture. I learned it's about nourishment and balance, not restriction and perfection.

For Daniel Parten being an example for his little girl is the best part

Overall, I dropped 8% body fat, 4 inches off my waist, gained +1 inch on each arm and quad.

But the best part is simply walking the walk and being an example for my little girl. Yes, I realize she has no idea right now whether I'm playing life at 100% or 50%, but here's the thing -- I do. 

And now I get to feel energized inside knowing I'm doing right by my little girl by taking care of her daddy.

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