Tony Robbins Ultimate Edge
with Michael Lawrence

In the #1 self-improvement system, Tony Robbins Ultimate Edge, you will discover what you want most in life and get the proven tools and strategies needed to achieve success in all areas of life.

Tony Robbins is a well-known motivational speaker, author, and life coach who has helped millions of people around the world to achieve their personal and professional goals.

With this three-part audio program, you will learn to overcome any obstacles holding you back and truly take charge of your own psychology. 

For 6 years, on Tony’s Live Event Team, I supported attendees of Tony’s #1 event, ‘Unleash The Power Within’. Many of these people would then attend ‘Date with Destiny’, ‘Wealth Mastery’, ‘Life Mastery’, and ‘Business Mastery’.

If you’ve been to his live events, the resources you will find here are perfect for those on a pathway to mastery. If this is your first experience with Tony Robbins, I am pleased to be your guide through the Ultimate Edge audio program.

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If you don’t own the Breakthrough app and would like to reach out to my buddy Garrett he will set you up. However, you can watch the videos, read the notes, and do the workbook right from this site and start your journey with ease.

My favourite part of working on Team Tony was hearing the stories of transformation. The ones around health, both physical and emotional, were the ones I enjoyed the most. This is why I moved into the wellness space after my time with Tony.

I changed my physical body from one best described as pear shaped to a toned marathon runner. This helped me gain the energy and endurance required to reach success in relationships, emotional intelligence, and finances. If you’re not sure where to start setting goals, study the pyramid of mastery and build from the bottom up.

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Ultimate Edge course outline

Each section on Tony Robbins Ultimate Edge audio program provides valuable insights and practical tips on how to improve your time management skills, boost your physical health and energy levels, and create financial abundance in your life.

Part 1: Inner Strength

Understand what causes you to think, feel and behave the way you do. After you discover your “Personal Blueprint,” you’ll then align your internal drive and know how to move in the right direction.

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Part 2: Personal Power

Gain a clear and compelling vision for what you want. You’ll learn about the forces that direct our lives, how to master them and get the keys to shaping your destiny.

Part 3: Get The Edge

Now that you’ve defined your goal, it’s time to develop a plan to achieve it. Discover how high-quality relationships add value to your life and how to build the one you need. Create a life of limitless energy and vitality. Transform your destructive, negative emotions into positive, constructive ones.

videos, Notes, Workbook

Ultimate Edge video slides

Tony Robbins set up the Ultimate Edge to be completed in three parts over 16 days. Here you will find the course broken down into 10 short videos. Each short video containing the most important notes presented in a slide show.

Ultimate Edge Notes

Taken directly from Tony Robbins Ultimate Edge program. Do you find Tony talks to fast, gives way too much info all at once. On this page you can read the notes here at your pace, be able to write out your thoughts as you go without having to pause the program.

Tony Robbins Ultimate Edge Workbook

Real simple, all the questions in one place and a link to the pdf Journal. Taking a look at all the questions that will be asked before starting the program gives some really great insight and clarity to what’s ahead. Don’t want to print our the whole workbook, prefect, all the questions are listed for your convenience here too.

Tony Robbins Ultimate Edge is a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their personal and professional success

Tony Robbins Ultimate Edge has received positive reviews from many satisfied customers. It is important to keep in mind that all real change requires consistent effort and dedication. Success happens when you apply the principles and take action towards your goals.

Repetition is key! When you repeat something, you are more likely to remember it and become proficient at it. Repetition alone is not always enough to achieve mastery. It's important to also seek out feedback, challenge yourself to take action and try new things out of your comfort zone. Stay motivated. Stay engaged!

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Thank you, I look forward to supporting you as we walk hand in hand creating your wellbeing journey with ease.
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