About Michael Lawrence

Hey there! I'm Michael Lawrence, and my journey into the realm of health and wellness began in my early 30s. It started with a passion for marathons, which soon evolved into the thrill of duathlons. The pavement became my canvas, as I committed to participating in one major and several smaller events every year.

10-marathon-medal.png10 Half-Marathon Completed in 2017 -Las Vegas

But why stop at just racing locally? The allure of discovering new cities – not just as a tourist but through the exhilarating lens of a marathoner – beckoned me. This quest for adventure was not just about setting foot on new terrains but also ensuring that my body was fueled right. Enter Isagenix. Of all the nutritional systems I tried, Isagenix stood out with its simplicity, tantalizing taste, and a robust range of plant-based options.

Curiosity led me further...

I undertook a DNA diet test to comprehend the optimal whole foods tailored for my unique body type. While this exploration was personal, my tryst with Isagenix wasn't solitary. Attending one of their meetings, I was taken aback by the company's genuine commitment to rewarding its sales teams.

What started as a modest endeavor – selling just enough to cover my own product costs – morphed into something grander. Soon, I was not only funding my race registrations but also turning my marathon dreams into cross-country adventures, all courtesy of the Isagenix compensation plan.

Yet, the real joy? It wasn't just in the races or the products

Mad hustle and dope soul reads the caption above four different style surf boards

It was in witnessing and aiding countless individuals in their transformative health journeys. From the performance line to supplements like NAD, collagen, and the occasional monthly cleanse, my regimen became an integral part of not just my life but also of those dear to me. Take my Mom, for instance: her morning routine now includes a refreshing Isagenix shake, collagen, and nootropics.

Whether you've landed here seeking a minor reset, aiming for a few dedicated months of fitness, or scouting for enduring health product choices, I'm genuinely elated you're here.

Ready to embark on your wellness adventure?

Reach out to me, Michael Lawrence, either through the Contact Us link or dial 514.774.2568. I'm here to answer any queries, and if you're all set to dive in, select your system or pack. Rest assured, once it reaches me, I'll be in touch!

Michael Lawrence Annis with Sevren Lawrence Annis
Michael Lawrence Annis. Sevren Lawrence Annis. Rya Raine Annis
Michael Lawrence Annis. Rya Raine Annis

"You got a choice, either spend your time daydreaming about fears that will keep you up late at night. Or learn how to program your emotions and wake from dreams you desire to chase all day." 

-Michael Lawrence

*Results not typical. Weight loss, muscle gain, lifestyle, and other results depicted here reflect exceptional individual experiences of Isagenix Customers and should not be construed as typical or average. Results vary with individual effort, body composition, eating patterns, time, exercise, and other factors, such as genetic and physiological makeup. In a two-phase study performed from 2015-2016 by Skidmore College in New York, researchers evaluated use of Isagenix products for weight loss. As part of the weight loss phase, the participants took part in a calorie-controlled regimen of Shake Days and one Cleanse Day per week and lost an average of 24 pounds after 12 weeks. View the Research

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