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Helen Costa-Giles: On Goals, a Bit of Celebrity, and Letting Go of Ego.

Isagenix before and after Helen Costa-Giles

2017 IsaBody Challenge Winner Still Balancing It All!

Ask Helen what’s next for her, and she’ll always have an answer. Whether that’s training for an upcoming Spartan Race or preparing for CNN Turning Points with Sanjay Gupta, she’s looking ahead.

Maintaining Success

“I didn’t realize how important it is to always have a goal you need to be working on,” Helen said. As the 2017 IsaBody Challenge Grand Prize Winner, she attained a gigantic goal of reshaping her eating habits, her body, and her priorities.

But, once she won, she started going back on autopilot without a goal to focus on.

“When I didn’t have anything to work on, I just felt let down.” This can be the case for a lot of people who undergo a huge physical transformation.

“It’s more about following a habit now. I feel like 220-pound Helen is always around as temptations and bad habits creep up, so I know when I must have a Cleanse Day to reset. And yes, I will have a shake a day for the rest of my life,” she said, referring to the Isagenix products that have helped her change her life.

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Inspiring Others

Helen has become such an inspiration to her family, her neighbours who join her for 5 a.m. workouts in her garage, and those who have read about her in PEOPLE magazine, seen her on local TV, and followed her on social media.

“I always have to have a goal in the works and one in the background,”

Although Helen Costa-Giles has experienced a bit of celebrity status, she doesn’t glamorize her hard work.

That work hasn’t ended even after losing 90 pounds and following a weightlifting regimen. Helen poses with her boys (ages 8 and 5) after they all ran a Spartan Race.

“I always have to have a goal in the works and one in the background,” said Helen. “When I won IsaBody, I was just so excited, but I found I always need to be working on something, whether that’s physically, financially, or family-focused.”

Helen Costa-Giles Training the Next Generation

“This year was the first year I knew I wasn’t going to race to my potential,” Helen said. She realized she had a lot of ego to let go of and felt happier when helping others succeed.

Isagenix before and after Helen Costa-Giles

When her girls from NME raced with her this year, including some who had never done a Spartan before, she stepped up and led by example.

“I was there to not only race but see them cross that finish line and realize their stamina,” she explained. “Those races are not easy, and they are taxing on your body. I loved racing with my team and helping them see how powerful they really are.”

As for family goals, it all came together in a recent Spartan Race. “My boys ran, too,” she shared.

If Helen’s 8-year-old and 5-year-old are anything like their mom, they were kicking butt in the race and will continue to do so in life.

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