Tony Robbins Breakthrough App Notes From The Ultimate Edge Program

Below are notes from Tony Robbins Breakthrough app The Ultimate Edge.

Tony Robbins Breakthrough App The Ultimate Edge

These are not a transcript of the audio program, they are my personal notes taken when I taught the program and coached groups. These groups ranged from as small as 2 or 3 to as large as 40+.

Feel free to ask me any questions as you go through the program

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Part 1: Inner Strength

Week 1

Decision & Destiny Part 1

Tony Robbins Ultimate Edge is about taking control in creating life on your terms, putting yourself in a position where the outside world is not the driving force in who you become or what you create in life.

We all have times in life when we are wanting to change something, feeling frustrated, overwhelmed or stuck. Then something inside of us snaps, might take 10 years to get there but there is a moment where it all changes. Tony has spent his life looking at that moment so we can make that moment happen now.

What we want is to take control of the internal forces that shape the direction of our lives so we can fully realize our emotional, physical, financial and spiritual potential. Working the Ultimate Edge program together we will uncover the insights, tools, strategies and positive triggers that can change the quality of your life… in a moment!

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The 3 pillars of Progress:

1st Pillar: Get Focused. What do you want most in life for the areas that are important to you? Get Clear. When you’ve got a clear and compelling vision of what it is you want, it shifts your mind and emotions.

2nd Pillar: Get the Best Tools. Create an effective and efficient game plan. Find a proven map to help you get from where you are to where you want to be. Be with an empowering community to hold you to a higher standard.

3rd Pillar: Get Aligned & Directed. Through the process of discovering, understanding and aligning your internal drives, you are able to channel them so that you naturally move in the direction you desire more – a direction that serves not only you but also all those you care about.

Resourcefulness & Emotional Fitness:

When we fail to get what we want to achieve, what’s the reason? We believe we have a lack of adequate resources. I don’t have enough money. I don’t have enough time. I don’t know the right people. I don’t have the right training. Yet, if we are more focused, if we are clear to what it’s we want, we will find a way. The real issue is a lack of resourcefulness, the ultimate resource, Human Emotion. We tend to try to think our way out. But the truth is, if we feel strong enough to make it happen, we will find a way. (hint: Hour of Power drills in the emotions). We’re either unresourceful or resourceful based on the habit of emotions that we use most often.

2 Master Lessons in Life:

The Science of Achievement: How to get from where we are to where we want to be. Most people Master this one only. Achieve success in business, in sculpting their body, taking care of their children. The Ultimate Edge over these weeks together we will learn the steps for achievement.

The Art to Fulfillment: Experiencing tremendous joy in the process – so we feel not only the excitement of the pursuit but also the enthusiasm and gratitude for the little things in life along the way. If we are focused and going after only what we want, we can and will feel pleasure. Which is short lived. Fulfillment comes because you feel like your life matters. It matters because you have grown and through growth, you can give more. You can be more.

The Power of Decision:

Each day we’re making new decisions, creating new actions, fueled by the power of emotion. When you decide, you act. And when you act on something, life reacts. Some decisions may only have short-term impact, and others affect us far beyond what we could imagine in the moment. It’s not conditions that shape our destiny, it's the decisions. Decisions equal Destiny.

The 3 Decisions:

1: What are you going to focus on? Most people focus on what they’re afraid of, and whatever you focus on, you feel. So, if you keep focusing on what you fear, you bring it into your life. Where Focus Goes, Energy Flows. If you don’t consciously choose you fall into your habits. (hint: Hour of Power, take control of your focus, master the inner world)

2: What Does This Mean? The minute we focus on something, our mind has to come up with a meaning for it. Is this going to mean pain or pleasure? If we don’t consciously choose what things mean, our old patterns show up. This comes down to the emotions we feel, if we feel in control or not. What emotion are you bringing with you on your journey through life? Is it fear, stress or joy, determination, persistence, tenacity?

3: What Am I Going To Do? Focus + Meaning = Emotion. If we’re angry, are we going to do something different than if we’re feeling grateful? If we’re fearful, worried or stressed, we’re going to do something different than if we feel determined, curious or playful?

These 3 decisions are shaping our lives moment to moment.

If we take control of them, everything changes!

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Week 2 

Decision & Destiny Part 2

2 Forces That Control Our Decision:

State (in the moment) Being confident, having certainty or willingness to adapt, will positively impact the quality of our decisions. Negative emotions can sometimes be useful to make a change. Being conscious of our moment-to-moment state gives us a better understanding of how we feel and ultimately control over our emotions.

Blueprint (long term) Our “Model of the World” a specific set of beliefs about how we’re supposed to be, how life’s supposed to be and how other people are supposed to treat us. We experience happiness whenever our Life matches our Model of the World. If there is an area of life that is causing you pain, it’s because your Life Conditions in that area do not match your Model of the World.

It is important to understand none of this is carved in stone. We can reprogram the mental matrix that creates our blueprint, directing our emotions to feel motivated and confident, and run a more effective blueprint in alignment with our true desires.

Pain Provides 3 Choices

When our life conditions do not match our blueprint, we have three choices as to how we’re going to handle the challenge.

  • Blame
  • Change your life conditions
  • Change your blueprint 

First Choice: There are 3 things you can Blame:

  1. An Event: Blaming an event is convenient because it helps preserve an ego identity that is designed to shield us from our true fears: the fear of failure and fear of not being loved or accepted.
  2. Someone else: The story may be factually true, but it is convenient and only gives you comfort in the moment. “There’s nothing wrong with me. It is this other person.
  3. Yourself: Beating yourself up. As long as you're blaming yourself, “I’m not good enough”, “I’m not strong enough.” You will not see a change. 

Second Choice: Change your Life Conditions.

If you feel like you’re making progress in an area of your life, you will start to be pleased in that area, even if you’re not 100% there yet. You start to get more focused and specific about what you want to change, and you find ways to build momentum toward your desired results. Progress = Happiness.

Third Choice: Change Your Blueprint.

Sometimes things are outside of our control, but we CAN control how we create our rules about how things should be. Sometimes adjusting your Blueprint means being willing to compromise some of your rules that would be hard or even impossible for you or others to live up to.


Having goals not only gives you something to go for and a direction in life, but what you become in the process is often even more valuable than the goal itself. Bridging the gap requires just two things: consistent focus and consistent action. Becoming the kind of person who can direct their focus and get themselves to take consistent action will make you unstoppable in every area of your life!

An Extraordinary Life Comes from an Extraordinary Psychology.

You cannot control the outside world, but you can control your inner one. You cannot control the events of your life, but you can control what they mean to you. Develop a vision, a compelling future that excites and inspires you, and focus on it daily.

The Triad: The 3 Patterns That Create Any Emotion.

Anything in life you think you want; you only want because of the feeling you believe obtaining it will give you. Remember, we are built to move towards pleasure and away from pain.

  1. Physiology: Whatever you’re feeling right now is related to how you’re using your body. This includes your face.
  2. Focus & Beliefs: Whatever you focus on you’re going to believe. Even though it’s not reality in actuality.
  3. Language: Thinking is nothing more than mentally asking and answering a series of questions. If you want to change your life, pay attention to the words you repeat to yourself.

Hour of Power or 30 to Thrive.

Phase 1: Move and Breath (5 min). Inhale four times through your nose, exhale four times through your mouth, and repeat continuously. Tap the tip of your fingers with your thumb as you breathe in and breath out. 

Phase 2: Get Grateful & Visualize (10 min). Think about everything you’re grateful for. Visualize everything you want in your life as if you have already achieved it and you're grateful for it.

Phase 3: Use Incantations & Exercise (15, 30, 45 min). Focus on what you want to create today. What do you want to make happen? What do you want to do, achieve, or accomplish? See it happening the way you want it. Do your incantations out loud. Speaking engages your physiology and conditions the ideas into your mind.

Part 2: Personal Power

Week 3 

The Key to Personal Power

Tony did thousands of personal development programs as a young man. With his personal research on how the mind is wired mixed with his life lessons we receive decades of one’s man learning with the Ultimate edge.

Tony’s first major success lead him to an uncomfortable place within. He started falling back into old habits = self-sabotage.

Power is in reconditioning the way our mind operates.

4 steps for success

  1. Know your outcome - create clarity.
  2. Use it, make the decision, take action.
  3. Notice what you’re getting, what are the results of your action. Are they better or worse?
  4. Change your approach, until you succeed.

Gain the power of momentum by creating new habits.

Study what you want to learn, you cannot just hope.” Tony Robbins
The past does not equal the future, unless you live there.” Tony Robbins

Pain & Pleasure

What drives us and what stops us = the need to avoid pain and our desire to gain pleasure

By not taking action (procrastinating) we experience less pain than taking action. We believe taking action would be more painful = the fear is in front of us, the pleasure is behind us.

Change what we link pleasure too and what we link pain too. = flip the fear and pleasure.

To change, link not taking action to being more painful than just doing it. Don’t wait for life to make it more painful for you. Use pain and pleasure over it using you. If you don’t, you’re waiting - or allowing - life to control you.   

The controlling force that directs our life is what we link pain and pleasure too.” Tony Robbins
Our reality is based on whatever we are most focused on” Tony Robbins

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Power of Associations

What controls our life is the meaning we associate to a given situation.

Changing the meaning, will, change our actions.

If building a business, if having financial debt, if going through a divorce means pain to you, change the meaning first. What could this mean instead?

Nero-associations control our level of motivation.

If you don’t create – rewire – a new association, you will go back to the old way. Recall Tony putting on 38 pounds after success? You can get what you want with massive action but if you don’t create new associations you are open to losing it or in other words, giving it away.

The time to create the next 20 years of your life in now. Or you will go live on “should” island.

Attach massive pleasure to the things you want to achieve.

Look at the consequences of your behaviours, have self-awareness to the actions your taking.

We are always creating new associations; we create anchors within us when feeling strong emotional states. Positive or Negative. In these moments we link up either pain or pleasure for that situation.

Week 4 

3 Steps to Lasting Change

The only way to change a situation is to change the way you feel and the way you behave.

Build a massive emotional change within to create a new behaviour. To better understand this, read Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankel.

Condition yourself to the new behaviour you wish to have.

Creating Long-Term Change

  1. Get Leverage, get to the point that you must change, you can change, and you will change.
  2. Interrupt the current pattern, do whatever it takes to jolt your system out of the old way.
  3. Create a new association, condition the new association, commit to the new way you will now behave moving forward.

Celebrate every time you take action to condition a new behaviour 🎉

The Goal Setting Workshop.

Setting goals is the fundamental key to all lifelong success plans you can imagine.

We practice fundamentals daily; athletes are always training. The best of the best train daily.

When people ask Tony to teach them something new, Tony knows they are not in the mindset of mastery. Repetition is the Mother of all skill.

Goals create the future in advance. They create our destiny. We all have goals, some of us created them, others let life tell us what they will be.

Tony talked about all the areas of life he set up goals in, remember he had not set up emotional or financial goals in the beginning. Fell back after success and came back with clear goals for a complete life plan.

What is real to you today is based on your past, past experiences, create goals that are big enough to drive you forward.

Something happens when we write down goals that we do not understand. What we do know is, purpose is stranger than the outcome. The purpose of setting goals is what they will make of us as a person. The “stuff” does not make us happy. Who we become is what makes us happy.

Some people only focus on getting “things” this may cost you. You can end up giving up your own integrity.

Becoming someone who can manifest what they want is a lot more motivating.

Reasons come first; answers come second.

Why goals really work, thoughts are things, as you think you create.

Success can be a big trap, when people get successful, they tend to party. When they fail, they tend to pounder. Dissatisfaction is power, a force to move away from.

Manage pressure to fuel your power to go for it. Turn it into a positive.

Demand more from yourself then anyone would ever expect.

Link pleasure to getting the goal and pain to not getting it.

Create goals at least twice a year, review them in detail once a month and top goals daily.

With strong enough reasons, you will find a way.

Make your goal so real in your mind, you feel like you already have it.

Week 5

The Driving Force - Your 6 Human Needs

There is an emotional side to everything we do, most people are focused on getting the job done. Using our emotions to drive us is when life starts to flow.

4 classes of experience.

  1. feels good, good for you, good for others, serves the greater good.
  2. Does not feel good, is good for you, good for others, serves the greater good.
  3. Feels good, not good for you, not good for others, does not serve the greater good
  4. Does not feel good, is not good for you, does not serve others, does not serve the greater good.

Secret to success, happiness, fulfillment; learn to convert class two into class one experiences.

All humans have the same needs, we have different problems due to conflict of our human needs.

6 human needs.

  • Certainty. 
  • Uncertainty. 
  • Significance. 
  • Connection/Love. 
  • Growth. 
  • Contribution

Need one, certainty or comfort. Using faith, we can move into certainty. Searching for combinations of new references to gain certainty. No one can take it away from you, can only supply references, it is up to us on what we will believe. Certainty is a need to move towards.

We create vehicles to meet our needs. Negative and positive.

Negative way to get certainty. Grab something to gain instant comfort, food, drugs, organizing, controlling others. Some people will create a negative identity, I am a procrastinator, which will allow them to feel comfortable because they feel safe this way. It’s not my fault, it's just the way I am.

Create a positive identity. Be willing to decide you will find a way, use faith. My personal example. I am a force of nature. Grounded like an oak tree, able to withstand any storm, able to flourish in the light.  

With complete certainty you lose your edge. You will feel boredom. Become unhappy.

Uncertainty – it is a need! It supplies variety. A paradox with certainty and can be used as they complement each other.

Uncertainty supplies our need for excitement, surprises. Fuel for a state change.

People will violate their values to get their needs met.

Create a new vehicle to meet your need of Variety, easy to use to receive comfort. Ask yourself, how do I meet my need of variety currently? How do I create comfort?

Significance; to be needed, to feel important, sense of meaning in our lives. Not a desire, an emotional need.

We all have a reason for the things we do, a belief that we will meet one of our needs.

We all have the same needs; the difference is how we try to meet them.

-Vehicles for significance; our style, being eccentric, through our children, creating a new skill set.

Connection and Love; we all desire love. Babies will not survive without it.

Vehicles; Relationships. Sexuality. Spirituality. Nature to connect with yourself. Pets. Contribution to others. Being on a team/member of a club.

Whatever need you want to fulfill in your life; give it. Whatever need you want to receive in life; give it. You will get back whatever it is you give. Give what you wish to receive.

The first 4 needs we will always work towards meeting. The last two are optional. Growth and Contribution are where fulfillment is born.

Growth and Contribution are the primary essential needs of life. They are the laws of life; everything must grow or contribute, or they will not last.

We can meet the first 4 needs in a destructive way, but we will not grow and contribute.

Meeting them in a positive way will allow us to grow which = fulfillment, joy, happiness.

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Rapid Planning Method

RPM is the focus on time. How to manage our lives.

People focus on all the stuff they must do, but they are not experiencing much of life, just doing a lot. Lack of joy, fun, freedom.

We try to manage our lives over creating it.

Nothing will make you happy and fulfilled… nothing but you!

What is time? It’s nothing but a feeling. To manage your time, mange your feelings.

What you experience in life, what you feel, is what your focused on.

How to change focus, ask better questions. Why has this happened to me? Poor mindset question. What do I need to do to move past this?

RPM is deciding in advance what you will focus on in your health, relationships, career etc.

Focus on what it will take to get your outcomes over a list of stuff to do.

3 questions of RPM

  1. What is the result I desire?
  2. What is the reason I want it?
  3. What are the massive actions I can take to get my outcome?

With a big enough why, you can achieve anything.

No to do list will change your life, a change in questions, a change in answers will.

Chunking can take you out of overwhelm and overwhelm is thinking of all the things you have to do. You’re not sure where to start.

If you focus on the result > you build the excitement, joy, passion. Where focus goes, energy flows.

Chunking is turning more into less, grouping together information into ideally sized pieces to produce results without stress or overwhelm.

Simplistic why to chuck is to break things down into 3.

RPM will allow you to be flexible. More options to get your outcome.

Most people major in minor things. Look at the goals you made and make a MAP, what do you want, why do you want it?

Part 3: Get The Edge

Week 6 

Results Workshop - Part 1

Success leaves clues. Successful people are not born that way, they have patterns they run over and over that bring success.

Establish a pattern that will have you moving towards your desires, over playing the game of saying or wishing for someday. Someday I will, someday I’ll have…

Commit to yourself, commit to time for yourself, time for gratitude, time to program or rewire yourself.

Exercise is involved to make this happen, which is why not many people do it. (Remember, it’s just moving your body. Walking for 30 minutes is exercise).

The word BUT is a way to okay our excuses for not having self-discipline.

How do you rationalize not doing the things you need to do? (The antidote is self-honesty).

Understand the power of now, just do one thing now. Make one call, walk just 15 minutes.

Momentum and “chunking” remove stress.

Instant pleasures make your pain bigger because you’re not playing life at the level you desire.

Most people are trying to make themselves feel good without changing anything which creates a life of mediocrity. You may be doing more or better than the people around you however, your life is not based on others. It is about playing at your best. Demand more from yourself than anyone would ever expect.

Some people wait for there to be so much pain in their life before they decide to change. Most of these people will only take action until the pain is removed.

Get disturbed by your pain and use it as a positive to make a change to a new identity.

Get around people that are playing at a higher level, the more you’re around these people the sooner you will create a new identity. Turn being disturbed into drive.

Be clear on what it is you want, know your true outcome. What do you want, why do you want it? Focus on the outcome/result/want over the actions you’re currently taking so you can adjust what is and what is not working to achieve your true desire.

Be honest with what is disturbing you right now. When you tap into the power of pain you can use it intelligently for drive to move you forward. If not, you will continue to use instant pleasures. Be clear what it is in front of you that you desire to have instead.

We are so busy covering up the things we are unhappy about, we never take the time to dig deep and get to the bottom of what it is that makes us unhappy. What matters to us most.

Running around and pretending there is nothing wrong is called lying to yourself, deceiving yourself. It will bite you in the ass sooner or later.

Model your past success, understand your success patterns. What were you doing, how did you feel?

What is something in your life you have right now that once would have been a dream to have? Notice what disturbed you enough to have it? To make a plan to get it, consciously or unconsciously.

Once you create your plan and have the actions you will take, know your why, have the drive. You will then receive your opponents. All the things that “have to” happen, the calls, the demands upon you. The people who are closest to you, kids, lover, friends. The internal, “I want this, but I also what that”

Results Workshop - Part 2

What stops you is the beliefs you hold on to. You may not even know what they are as they have been running from the unconscious for many years.

Move towards what you want, this is what it’s all about.

Changing your beliefs is a way to get what you want. What you believe is what you will move towards. Either towards creating or backwards further away from what you desire.

Be aware of your beliefs with your current feelings inside. If your sad, what are you thinking about, believing in this moment to feel sad. Same with times of joy.

Believing when you have no reason to, is called having faith. Belief you create, faith you were born with.

Stop thinking about what you don’t have in your life and start believing in what you do have.

Create absolute certainty that what you want to change is what you are about as a person (the identity of who you are becoming)

Look at your beliefs in your health, emotions, relationships, career, finances. Believing you can’t love yourself if you don’t love everything about who you are is developing massive drive using your beliefs. Using strong emotions makes massive shifts.

Write out the beliefs that have been stopping you, write out 4, 5, 6, 7 new beliefs that will get you to take action.

Focus on your future, if not, your old beliefs will take over and destroy your plan.

Do not make your plan too rigid. Make sure you have the space to relearn, as you do not usually do something new perfect the first time. If you expect too, you may feel failure and create the space for your old beliefs to come back to play. Run the old programming over creating the new.

Set up the game to win, set it up to make it enjoyable. Make the process enjoyable not just the outcome.

Certainty is a human need, when creating your new beliefs, you need to add variety, anything you can do to add variety will have you enjoy the process and now you will want to do it over having to do it.

The edge is creating enjoyment in the process, not just enjoyment someday when it’s all done.

The more massive action you take the more committed you are. Do something you would never normally do.

Most people’s lives are a direct reflection of the expectations of their peer group. Everyone has standards they will live up too and anyone you care about has the power to influence they way you think. Some are completely influenced by their peers, others lead their peers, we all want love and connection.

If your peer has a lower standard than yours, they can bring you down or you can bring them up.

Whoever you spend time with, is who you become.

Love your family, pick your peer group. Find someone who is already succeeding in the goal you have so you can model them as you raise your standards and create new beliefs towards the new identity you are becoming.

You can only build on success. Focus on what is working, what is changing, what you like and enjoy.

You’re going to get off track, your going to screw up. Don’t make this more complex than it needs to be. Just go do it, track what works and forget about the rest.

Tony Robbins Picture Quote on Destiny from The Ultimate Edge

Week 7 

The Power of Relationships - Part 1

Relationships are where the greatest joys can come from, when handled ineffectively there is so much pain and life can lose its meaning.

Money is nice, achievement is great but when you do it alone it can feel worthless.

When we are young, we want to get things done, get the financial stuff done so we don’t have to work again, yet once we stop working, we become unfulfilled. Getting to the point where it becomes optional is joy.

If something is not growing it's dying. To be fulfilled we must be growing in all areas of life.

An extraordinary life is created by closing the gap from where you are to where you want to be.

The secret to close the gap is to be honest there is one.

If you don’t have a relationship and really want one, you have mixed emotions about what a relationship will mean. It’s not a MUST for you.

Everything in life has its dualities, for there to be joy there needs to be pain. Quality relationships are with people that will learn to enjoy the storm as much as the rainbow.

We all have a deep emotional need for relationships, they are not something we want there something we need.

When in a relationship you are either at a place where you want more from it, want out of it, or think there will be more pain if you leave so you stay in it.

Relationships are about an emotional association. We react or respond emotionally to the situations that come about.

We bring our past into relationships. Are you making this person into someone else? A parent, sibling, that horrible relationship you once had that you ran away from.

Want to change your relationships, ask a new question. What else could this mean? Come up with as many positive meanings as you do negative.

Remember, most of the time, it is not about you. Dig to find out what this means.

Relationships are about unity, how to help each other move to the next level. It is not about being right, being right leads to punishing the other.

People respond to pleasurable reinforcement. Negative reinforcement leads to an end.

We can get caught up in the “to do’s” of life which can have us overlook the power of the relationships we have and create in life.

Most of us do not know what it is we are after; we must get clear. Is it love, variety, challenge, intimacy, connection of spirit, someone to tease you?

The real purpose of a relationship is to magnify the human experience. The connection to share the human emotions we feel. To share this joy with someone. If you’re not able to share or care about someone else’s sharing, you’re not really “in” the relationship.

If you’re with someone whose primary emotions they experience on a regular basis are negative, you will end up magnifying those emotions. If you’re with someone whose primary emotions are positive you will magnify those good feelings. As we are not one or the other for most people relationships are their greatest pleasures and their deepest pains.

The real secret to a relationship is to understand it’s a place you go to give, not receive. Unlimited sharing, unlimited giving. The more rules you have for a relationship, the more pain you have.

Legendary relationships are based on connection, relating, sharing and opening space for them to share, to grow, to contribute.

Poor relationships are when you do not feel significant, special, unique, like you matter, bored.

As human beings we are raised dependent on another human. Someone putting your needs ahead of their own. This creates a level of pain in intimate relationships because the moment you feel like someone is not loving you, the fear of the loss of love, the fear of dying emotionally comes up. We will run to something else for the comfort (certainty), drugs, overeating, TV, infidelity.

Males and females are biochemically different. Causes conflict. The solution is to have an awareness of what the situation is about. It's one of the levels of fear.

You cannot give to others what you do not give to yourself first. Learn to love yourself so you can give the love to the people around you. Fill yourself up first.

The only thing that is keeping you from getting what you deserve and want is the story you’re your telling yourself about why you can’t do it.

List out all your reasons for loving yourself, not just saying you love yourself, build reasons, what do you truly love about who you are and what you do. If you don’t fully love yourself, can you fully love others?

What will make a relationship last is if both people share similar nature or natures that complement each other. Which is knowing if your relationship is based on the moment or will have a lasting impact. This is based on your beliefs.

When your nature is different from each other there will be conflict. Selection is important for long term intimacy.

With conflict there will be drama or pain. We could end up trying to have the other change to the kind of beliefs we hold. This leads to trying to be right over simply being loving. 

The Power of Relationships - Part 2

The only failure is to live your life in a relationship where two people do not share the same values, goals and direction.

You have to know what you truly want in a relationship and from that list, what is a must.

You will attract the kind of person you are, be clear on what you desire and become that person first.

Most people know what they do not want in a relationship, if this is your list you may attract that person into your life.

If you do not know what you want, write out a list of what you do not want. The mate from hell. Describe that person in full. When your done you will have a lot of energy build up and then you can list the opposite of this person.

Be clear on what you want and what you don’t want, you do not want to end up with a whole bunch of things you love but have the things you do not want to outweigh the things you do.

What are the qualities someone must have to attract the ideal mate you wrote out?

You need to become the kind of person you want to find.

If you think this exercise is not for you because you’re in a relationship. The Pammy example is perfect for you. Pam has been married to Chris Hendrickson for about 15 years. Her list is what keeps their relationship growing as we all change over the years.

If you’re in a relationship, write out a list of what you desire from your mate and then ask them. What do you need?

Score your musts, from 0 to 10. How well are your musts being met? If not in a relationship, how well are you meeting these needs yourself? Honesty is clarity.

Understanding the patterns of destruction that destroys relationships (from Dr. John Gray)

  1. Resistance. Not speaking up about the things that bother you.
  2. Resentment. Oh, I hate when they do that.
  3. Rejection. You start to react to all the things you have stacked up through resistance and resentment over the current moment/situation.
  4. Repression. When you move away from intimacy and towards a level of being more like roommates. You settle for comfort over passion.

Live by your list, be that person and love yourself so you can give love to others.

When stressed in your relationship, make a list of all the magic moments you have had together. Ask quality questions, what are all the things we love about each other?

Once every 3 to 6 months, get away for a weekend or more. Get away from the day in day out surrounding. There is no replacement for time. A couple days a month, take time for your relationship, build those magic moments.

Week 8 

Pure Energy Live! The Keys to a Vital Life

We do many things for money, for our careers, we take care of our kids, but our bodies seem to come last or not at all. When we have no energy left for us, there is no joy, no juice.

Increased energy is an increase to the quality of our lives.

Health does not need to be a complex task.

Germs in our bodies is a sign of life, our bodies are driven by the mind and spirit.

Your philosophy of health is going to affect your health more than any specific thing you’re going to eat or do. The choices you will make, the way you deal with disease.

The garbage is there first, the rats come after. 

Our body is a unique system that’s working on electric currents tied with magnetism. The nerves in our body send signals through electricity. All our cells to be alive must be totally energetic.

What creates acid within our bodies? Emotions, anger, frustration. Acid strips or weakens the electric charge around red blood cells.

Aches and pains are a buildup of acid = Action signals.

Our bodies need to be alkalized to loss weight.

Nothing tastes as good as fit, vital and healthy feels. 

Tony Robbins Picture Quote

The Power of Emotions - Your Call to Action

Emotions are a call to action, what is more important to you then they way you feel?

Emotions are the core that call us to action and change our entire lives.

How do people deal with their emotions?

  1. They try to avoid them.
  2. They deny the emotion.
  3. They use it for competition.
  4. Learn from them and utilize them.

The meaning we give to our emotions are the results we feel.

There are no bad emotions, as long as we use them to move us forward in our lives.

Negative emotions are a signal that we need to take action. Don’t avoid or deny it, prepare for what is coming. Have the emotion serve you.

Do 6 things with negative emotions.

  1. Identify the situation.
  2. Acknowledge and appreciate the message you are receiving.
  3. Get curious about what it’s offering you.
  4. Feel reassured by seeing you have worked it out in the past.
  5. Get certain you can handle anything by using the emotion as a tool of empowerment.
  6. Take action and change your whole life.

10 categories of negative emotions.

  1. Uncomfortable
  2. Fear
  3. Hurt
  4. Anger
  5. Frustration
  6. Disappointment
  7. Guilt or regret
  8. Inadequacy
  9. Overloaded
  10. Loneliness

First step is to identify the emotion or action signal, which category does it fit most?

Next change your state because you will not become resourceful in one of those states.

Next get clear on what it is you truly want. Lastly, take action.

Change either your perception of the situation or your procedure.

When understanding how to use your negative emotions you will build over time the tools on how to use them before they show up. Hint: start with appreciation for what your feeling. Your alive and that means we will feel these emotions.  

Get curious, the 4 questions to ask yourself.

  1. How do want to feel?
  2. What do I have to believe to feel this way right now?
  3. What will I do to handle this right now?
  4. What is great about this or what can I learn about it?

Get confident, reassure yourself that you have handled this emotion in the past.

Get certain, be 100% sure you will handle this emotion and use it to empower yourself.

Get excited and take action, do something right away.

10 emotions you will want to plant the seed of to feel each day. Negative emotions are a call to action, a weed. We need to pull out the weeds and plant a better seed.

  1. Love and Warmth
  2. Appreciative and Grateful
  3. Curiosity
  4. Excitement and Passion
  5. Determination
  6. Flexibility
  7. Confidence
  8. Cheerfulness
  9. Feeling Healthy and Vibrant
  10. Sense of Contribution 

Week 9

Financial Freedom: Your Foundation for Lasting Wealth

Having money with lack of loving relationships and a vital healthy body it has no meaning.

To have more in finances it’s as simple as changing your psychology.

There’s a difference between wealth and financial security. You can have wealth today as it is a mindset. Once you feel abundant in all areas of life you will feel wealthy.

Holding on to the feeling of scarcity will have you to continue to live a life of scarcity. You will move towards instant pleasures to avoid the pain.

The only way to become wealthy is to add more value to other people’s lives than anybody else is adding.

Income is in direct proportion to your contribution.

Average life in 1900 was 47 years old, it is now common to live past 90. Investing at a minimum of $100 a month with compounding and never touching it will allow us to have money for our whole life.

Think of money being in 3 buckets.

  1. Security
  2. Growth
  3. Dreams

Security bucket, first place to invest your money. Small risk investments grow slowly and over time builds. Never take money out of this bucket.

Growth bucket, invest in things that can grow and give a much larger return. It is riskier, potential for more growth. Depending on your age choose the split, 70/30 or 60/40. More towards security when your older so if/when a mistake is made your still secure for your old age.

Dream bucket, when you get a big hit in your growth bucket. Take a third of the profits, put it in your security bucket. Another third back in your growth bucket and the last third in your dream bucket. These are the things you desire, homes, car, trip etc.

12 steps to become wealthy and traps to avoid.

  1. Be clear on what wealth means to you.
  2. Do not make it a moving target.
  3. They define it in ways that make it impossible to achieve.
  4. They do not believe they can achieve it.
  5. They never make it a must to be abundant.
  6. No realistic plan to achieve it.
  7. Fail to follow through on their plan.
  8. They listen to others overstaying with their plan.
  9. They give up when financial struggles show up.
  10. They fail to conduct their life where they believe they must have a profit at the end of the year.
  11. They allow other people’s emotions to control their thought process.
  12. They never get quality coaching.

To be financially wealthy is simple. Spend less than you earn and reinvest the difference. Make it a must by not having a choice. I must invest in my future.

You’re not really wealthy unless your abundant in emotions, health, relationships. To expand financially expand spiritually. 

The Purpose of Life - Finding Your Real Inner Drive

Your purpose is what you always go back too. Never veer off your purpose, it is your juice for life.

The purpose of your goals is not to achieve them, it is about who you become. Creating a life of meaning.

There are no mistakes in life, everything has meaning and can be used to become more. We can find meaning in everything. Positive or negative.

We cannot control events, only our meaning towards what has happened.

What drives you? What will your thoughts go too during your highs and lows in life?

Discover what your life is all about, don’t wait for there to be so much pain before you decide. It will expand and become clearer as time goes by. Use all of your life’s experience, the painful ones and the joyful to decide what life’s meaning is for you.

If your driven by anything other than your love, your spirit, your desire to grow and expand. If your driven by your fears, the demands of others, your past. Maybe it is time to free yourself, to decide consciously what is the purpose of your life? Something small, something to continually move towards. Something to enjoy the process.

Are you being efficient or effective in life?

The 7 reasons people fail at the game of life.

  1. Not clear on the purpose of the game, the goal, why are you doing it
  2. They have far too many rules for the game of life and rules for the people around them, how their boss, kids, strangers should act and be.
  3. Their rules are in conflict with each other.
  4. They don’t always win when they play by their rules, their meaning is not inline with their higher purpose
  5. Sometimes we break the rules and we win, doing something against our values and we gain pleasure. Takes us away from our goals in life and only provides instant pleasure.
  6. Working with other people that do not have a purpose in life. Must learn from each other.
  7. They think it is a life and death game. Too much pressure on themselves and live in fear.

7 strategies used by winners.

  1. Decide what the purpose of the game is right now. Is it to love and be loved, to grow and expand, to give back?
  2. Have fewer rules on how life has to be to be happy, less rules on what others have to do.
  3. Make the rules consistent, when you find conflict, change and adapt to your purpose
  4. They give pleasure to themselves when they win even when the world doesn’t.
  5. When you make an error, use the pain to drive you towards your goal, don’t stay in the pain.
  6. Understand other have rules too, find out the people closest to you, what are their rules?
  7. Don’t take life too seriously, loosen up!

To find your purpose, think about what you wanted to become when you were young. Think about the feelings it would have brought you. Tie those feelings to what your moving towards today. Get on a mission to make your life powerful, joyful, exciting.

Keep having faith, maybe what your doing is not what you originally thought you would be. Simply chase the emotions of what you want to feel each day.

The mission is not to be perfect; it is to be excellent. Something you can chase every day.

Often, not getting your dream can lead to locating your purpose. The reason you must find meaning in all that life brings to you. Live from certainty you can always manage what life brings your way.

We all have desires in life that has us want to move away from pain and gain pleasure. There are also needs inside of us to give more to others than ourselves. Be a person that loves more than anyone expects from you. Live life starting today. Giving to others is living.

The ultimate edge is connection, with yourself, your creator, your friends, your family, with life itself. 

Week 10

The Final Day: Your Personal Blueprint

The three pillars of the Ultimate Edge. 

  1. Focus 
  2. Get the best tools, strategies, coach, mentor. 
  3. Alignment. Get out of conflict.

What affects our lives the most is our decisions. Decisions are controlled moment to moment by our state. What affects us most long term is our blueprint.

How we create meaning in our mind. The one thing we all have in common is the same 6 human needs.

  • Certainty, we all need it.
  • Uncertainty, we need the variety and change to feel alive.
  • Significance, the need to feel unique, special, important.
  • Connection and Love, most people settle for connection as Love is too scary.

These first 4 needs drive all human behavior at its base. The fundamental needs. The final 2 needs you can see as the needs of the human spirit. We must Grow.

  • Growth is the base of fulfillment.
  • Contribute, you can see this as the center target for the game of life. The center is where we feel most alive. The spiritual needs.

Changing the order of your human needs to what you want to be at the top of your list will change the direction of your life. Thinking about how you can give love over how you can get it will change the direction and ultimately the destination of your life.

The second element is your beliefs. If your first driving force is the needs your meeting than the second is what is called the guiding force, the set of beliefs you have on what it means to be certain, significant, loving.

The difference in people in the moment is their state. Nice people can be mean in a moment, the toughest person can be nice, your state determines how you will be in the moment. Your blueprint will determine how you will behave, act, respond in the long term. How life is supposed to be, how others are supposed to be. The awareness will allow to change it, to be aligned within.

The third force that shapes us is based on the habits of emotions. The habit of your emotions is also filtered to your habits of meaning.

When our Life Conditions do not match our blueprint for how life is supposed to be, we feel pain. Pain is a part of life; however, suffering is a choice.

When we are happy about something with our life, our Life Conditions = Our Blueprint. They equal our expectations.

A tendency we have as humans is to negate how much pain we have. However, if we allow it to be strong enough, and not destroy us, it will drive us.

When feeling pain, look at how many rules you have in the area giving you pain. Notice how more rules makes it harder to feel pleasure. The point here is to take a look at what you’re going to do with the pain. Let your pain drive you to action over suffering.

The formula for suffering, Your Life Conditions, do not equal Your Blueprint + No Control. You feel like you cannot do anything about it. Learned helplessness.

Destructive beliefs, the 3 P’s.

  • Permanent, when we believe this we do not change.
  • Pervasive, believing that the challenges you have are way bigger than they are.
  • Personal, believing the negative story your telling yourself is true.

What separates people is the blueprint of what they expect of themselves, not just the blueprint of what they expect to receive. Switch from what can’t I do to what can I do.

To eliminate suffering, you’re never going to eliminate pain. You get clear about what is driving you, where it is strong so you can reinforce it, where it is the essence of your soul vs some stuff you practice. Where it’s meeting your needs and where it is not. Be willing to add more value than you try to take back.

Hoping won’t make the shift, you must get to the place of certainty again. Drill into your body with the hour of power. Follow the process to step out of your fears and step back into your body and drill yourself into the sense of physical and emotion strength by focusing on what you really want.

Education usually costs a lot, our “failures” in life are just that. An education on your journey to a life of fulfillment.

3 Choices that lead to suffering. Blame, blaming an event, blaming someone else, blaming yourself. Get out of it with change. Change your life, your body, your relationships.

Our life blueprints are to be updated as we grow into stronger wiser beings. With new experiences and new challenges, we receive new information and our desires and wants from life change. Be conscious to what is happening around you. How does life need to be now, where is the opportunity in this season of life?

Repetition is the mother of all skill. Listen to the Ultimate Edge course multiple times. Dabblers are just that, they dabble through life.

Masters lift the weight over and over until they get the result they are looking for.

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