Isagenix Tropical Shake

Picture this, you're lounging on a sun-kissed beach with an Isagenix Tropical Shake in hand. The waves are gently lapping at the shore, and the scent of tropical fruits fills the air. This is not just a daydream but a taste experience you can have any day of the week. Crafted with our nutrient-dense IsaLean shake, each serving delivers a robust 24g of protein to keep you energized and ready for whatever comes your way.

But this isn't just any protein shake; it's a full sensory experience. By blending the tropical flavors of fresh mango and juicy peaches, we've created a shake that doesn't just nourish your body—it delights your palate too. The Isagenix Tropical Shake is more than a mere beverage; it's an invitation to shake up the mundane and introduce a burst of tropical zest into your daily routine. One sip, and you'll see why this shake is the perfect way to mix things up!

Isagenix Tropical Shake

Isagenix-branded kitchen featuring a tropical protein shake in a tall glass, surrounded by fresh mango and peaches and a jar of Isagenix Creamy French Vanilla protein powder.


  • 2 Scoops Isagenix IsaLean Shake, Creamy French Vanilla
  • ¼ cup frozen or fresh sliced mango
  • ¼ cup frozen or fresh sliced peaches


Add ice, water, and shake powder and fruit to your blender cup. 

Blend until completely combined.


Substitute frozen or fresh sliced pineapple for peaches

Variations From People Like Just Like You...

Isagenix Tropical Shake with Pineapple juice

Submitted by: Patricia Frederick 

Isagenix Tropical Shake

Liking the idea of this shake and I only had frozen mangos but I did have a can of pineapple juice and thought, why not.

Turns out it's fantastic, totally loved it! 

4oz of pineapple juice in replacement of peaches.

You gotta try it. 

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Tropical Shakes: A Journey Through Paradise in a Glass

When it comes to the epitome of refreshment, look no further than the tropical shake. This icy concoction of fruits, ice, and sometimes a hint of sweetness takes us on a sensory journey to sun-kissed beaches and balmy ocean breezes. As versatile as they are delicious, tropical shakes allow for endless combinations of fruits like mango, pineapple, coconut, and banana—each bringing its unique flavor and texture to the party.

The Islands That Do It Best

While tropical shakes can be enjoyed worldwide, they are especially delightful when sipped on the islands where these fruits grow in abundance. The Caribbean, for instance, is a region that has mastered the art of tropical shakes.

Jamaica: Home to the ripest mangoes and the juiciest pineapples, Jamaican shakes often include a touch of locally sourced rum, introducing an optional but intriguing complexity to the traditional shake. The island's coconut water also adds a hydrating, refreshing element that you'll find hard to resist.

Hawaii: In Hawaii, smoothies and shakes often incorporate "Haupia," a local coconut milk-based ingredient that lends a creamy, rich texture to any drink. Ingredients like fresh papaya and guava are also stars in the Hawaiian shake scene.

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Thailand: While not an island, Thailand is famous for its exotic fruits like lychee, rambutan, and dragon fruit, all of which make stunning additions to a tropical shake. Thai shakes often feature coconut milk, elevating them to a velvety texture that is nothing short of luxurious.

The Maldives: Renowned for its clear, turquoise waters, the Maldives also offers a cornucopia of tropical fruits. Here, you'll find shakes enriched with fruits like passionfruit and starfruit, often garnished with a touch of freshly-grated nutmeg or a splash of vanilla extract.

A picturesque beachside setting featuring a vibrant Isagenix Tropical Shake surrounded by exotic fruits like mango and pineapple, with palm trees and a turquoise sea in the backdrop.

More Than Just a Delicious Beverage

Beyond the burst of flavors and textures, tropical shakes also offer a plethora of nutritional benefits. Most tropical fruits are packed with vitamins, antioxidants, and dietary fibers that contribute to overall health. When you add protein powder, like the superfood IsaLean shake with 24g of protein, you turn a simple beverage into a nutrient-dense meal replacement or supplement.

Creating Your Own Tropical Wonderland

Even if you can't hop on a plane to these exotic locations, creating a tropical shake at home is remarkably easy. With the plethora of frozen and fresh tropical fruits available in most grocery stores, and high-quality protein shakes like the IsaLean shake, you can mix up your own tropical escape in no time.

Whether you're in the Caribbean, Hawaii, or the comfort of your kitchen, tropical shakes offer more than just physical sustenance; they provide a quick escape, a moment of tropical zen in the chaos of everyday life. It's not just about the protein or the vitamins; it's about the experience, the taste, and the joy that comes from sipping on a glass filled with the essence of tropical paradise.

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In conclusion, tropical shakes are more than a trend or a seasonal favorite; they're a lifestyle. A lifestyle that celebrates the diversity of fruits, the richness of different cultures, and the simple joy that comes from creating something delicious. So go ahead, mix up an IsaLean tropical shake, and let every sip take you on a mini-vacation.

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